18th Floor Developments
Vertical Development


We take pride in focusing on the details that make our industrial, multi-family and infill residential developments stand out from the crowd. The collaboration with our architects and engineers regardless of building segment ensures our tenants and purchasers will be well taken care of. 



Re-positioning undervalued and under managed assets has been at the core of 18th Floor since the beginning. Turning around these types of assets requires an expertise that is learned by doing. After years of acquiring these types of assets we have become experts in the field. Have a look at our 'projects' page to see some of the assets that we have turned around in the last few years. 

Land Acquisition

The land acquisition division has been a natural extension of our vertical development and multi-family focus. We have had tremendous success with development and look for land that is in the path of growth as our city expands. We also focus on strategic parcels within mature neighbourhoods that have a future for density.



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